At Element3 our portfolio of services is based around a core of delivering bespoke development, database management and business analysis. Our consultative, collaborative approach ensures that whether we’re developing new software or refining and enhancing existing applications and processes, projects undertaken with Element3 are rigorously managed and approached individually with every aspect of your business requirements considered.

Bespoke Development

Our bespoke development service lies at the heart of everything we do. We don’t follow a blueprint; key to delivering the correct solution is understanding not only your business’s requirements and how these can be achieved, but also how these can be developed, enhanced and improved upon to gain maximum benefit.

As developers we utilise a thoroughly consultative approach, and from day one we seek to establish an understanding of your business deliverables, motives and ethos. We don’t seek to provide bolt-on solutions; we work from the ground up to ensure that your new software integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and identity.

Database Management

Maintaining a well-designed, well-managed database provides your business with a firm foundation on which to handle key data and processes. However, leaving a database to develop organically can turn it from a key business asset in to an expensive, convoluted, unmanageable burden.

Our database management service helps your business to create and maintain databases that are easy to manage, feed into key processes, allow for effective reporting at the time of need, safeguard your valuable data and create the most efficient environment for applications. 

Business Analysis

In the ideal world there is a perfect synergy between your business’s deliverables and its processes. This isn’t always easy, especially as your business changes and grows along with the environment you operate in. At Element3 we take a holistic approach to business analysis, reviewing your policies and procedures and presenting you with considered, real-world proposals to refine and enhance process flow within your business.