About Us

Element3 is a bespoke cross-platform software developer, combining leading-edge technology with a fully consultative approach to ensure that your needs are identified, visualised and built.

We design and build intelligent software to meet specific business needs, from database management tools to smartphone applications that integrate with your processes and blend seamlessly with your corporate identity.

With a history dating back to the early 1990s we at Element3 have been involved in the development of applications from the early MSDOS character-based programs through to the extremely complex systems now utilised for business. This has exposed us to the full gamut of development trends and environments over the years.

This legacy has generated a wealth of experience within the business, not just concerning the technicalities of solutions but more importantly their business benefits. The many years of providing systems to organisations has allowed us to foster a wider appreciation of how new solutions impact a business, allowing us to work with our clients to leverage the maximum benefit from their investment.

With our experience in software development, we have developed a successful procedure comprising of three fundamental elements to create the perfect software solution for you:


We aim to fully understand and identify a customer’s requirement before undertaking a project.


Once established we present a solution to the customer which is easily visualised and appreciated.


Once commissioned we build the solution as per our specification and to the customer’s requirements.

We firmly believe that armed with the correct software, your business practices will work more fluidly and efficiently.